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Familiar dock, ultimate form

Everyone knows dock/task bar. We got a brand new dock, with more features than ever before.

Easily apply layout

With a list of presets determined from your apps, easily get to work with the perfect window layout. Not enough? Change it in the settings.

Overpowered Dock

Your dock can do more than ever. It's your ultimate manager to get you organised.

New way to manage files

This file manager keeps you organised and productive. Find your files the instant you need it.

Drag & drop made easy

Drag and drop is the easiest way to transfer anything on your computer. We make it intuitive and easy to use.

More than multitask

Want to do many tasks at a time? We know you and we got you. It's now not only multitasking, it's organised multitasking.


Browsers have proven how powerful tabs are, so why not use them to make your OS even more powerful?

Your OS, your preference

We give you control over your system. Theme is just an important one of them, and you can get more if you don't like ours.

Day & Night

Let different themes tell you what time it is. Hey, you can even make it reversed. Can you do it on Windows or MacOS?

Under development

This project wouldn't be possible without the community's contributions. Join us and help!